Rospotrebnadzor recommends to vote on 1 July in the fresh air

In the Penza region recommended to vote on the amendments to the Constitution of the outdoors. On the eve of Rospotrebnadzor administration with a proposal addressed to the responsible territorial polling stations.

however, with such voting voters must have individual means of protection, and members of the Commission should periodically measure the temperature.

Press Secretary of the office of Rospotrebnadzor in the region of Vera Bykova told about requirements for confined spaces for voting: “be Sure to separate the input and output. Every 10 minute technology break for ventilation and disinfection. At the entrance to the site should be a sanitary room where you can wash and dry hands. And, of course, the presence of masks and gloves.”

As reported STRC “Penza”, a temperature measurement will affect all participants in the vote. If the voter’s identify the symptoms of SARS, he will provide a separate room for voting.

Note, the CEC announced the preliminary results of the pre-election July 1. Printed nearly 110 million ballots, said the Central election Commission. The Commission summed up the preliminary results of preparation to the campaign. To Express their attitude to the amendments at any of the nearly 100 thousand sites across the country. And half a million Russians have already decided to vote via the Internet.

Text: GTRK “Penza”