Rospotrebnazdor: it is recommended to Russians to refrain from trips to China

the Tourists from Russia is not recommended to visit the people’s Republic of China to stabilize the epidemiological situation in the country. This information appeared on the website of Rospotrebnadzor.

From the first days of the CPS monitors the epidemiological situation. Monitored for flights arriving from China. As of 23 January this year, passengers on flights from China, there were no cases of suspected coronavirus infection.

At the end of December 2019, the Chinese authorities reported the outbreak of pneumonia of unknown causes in Wuhan city, reminds RIA Novosti. the experts were able to establish that the causative agent was a new type of coronavirus 2019-nCoV.

According to the State Committee of health of China, the number of cases in China reached 830 people, 25 people died.

For the last day in 27 provinces, Autonomous regions and cities of China, the number of cases increased by 259 people, the number of victims – eight.