Royal life Meghan Markle: like goldfish in an aquarium

Queen Elizabeth II called an emergency family meeting in order to discuss the split. The departure of the family of Prince Harry led his wife Meghan Markle — the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in Canada, and the rejection of the parasitic lifestyle of the Royal family caused my grandmother a shock.

Yes, the eldest son of the Queen and the direct heir, Prince Charles, the footman, still pushes the brush morning toothpaste, but it never nobody commander, field — Marshal, and Admiral of the fleet, and air chief Marshal with numerous awards.

Is the future, and without any real prospects to ascend to the throne Prince Harry was sick and his wife is a canadian actress Meghan Markle — just went to his home, declaring the grandmother about the decision via Instagram.

Now the main intrigue is, will Rob a couple of Ducal titles, lest they used it as a commercial brand that is already happening.

16 Jan Prince Harry no matter how it appeared at Buckingham Palace on the draw for the Rugby world Cup. His shoulders gave a nervous pokruchivanie wedding ring. For him it was the last release as a so-called senior member of the Royal family. We all noticed that the music video, which he posted on the social networks, was the composition of the Stone Roses, which has the words: “I would like to leave this country”.

Two days later it was announced that Harry and his wife Megan are deprived of the title “Royal Highness” by abandoning the duties of the representatives of the British monarchy.

similarly, Elizabeth II did in his time with Harry’s mother Princess Diana when she divorced Prince Charles. Former Royal press Secretary, Arbiter Richard well understands the reason for the extreme irritation of the monarch.

“I was furious when they made the announcement. They had to serve the Queen when married, but in the end will turnwere back on her,” said he.

According to the former court, in the heart of the conflict was the unwillingness of Meghan Markle to take all those conventions with which it had to be considered, entering into the Royal family.

“I don’t think she was happy in the UK. To get into the Royal family — it’s like the Golden fish to be in the aquarium. Before she could Express the opinion, for example about politics, but now she is forbidden”, — explained Richard Arbiter.

Prince Harry in this situation, just confused. “Essentially he was a soldier. And, returning from the army, he became like a child who doesn’t know what to do” — says Arbiter.

the Wife of Harry either does not understand the issue or deliberately continues to drive a wedge in the entourage of Queen Elizabeth II. Recently, she unexpectedly visited a few charity organizations in Canada, without coordinating their actions with London, that is, in private, violating the Protocol.

In the press already walk photos of the house that Megan looked closely at Vancouver for his family’s mansion with six bedrooms and overlooking the ocean. The Villa is estimated at 21 million pounds sterling. In England Harry is a home that was given to him at the wedding grandmother. Cottage Frogmoor historical building. For the newlyweds it was reconstructed: there were gym and Studio for yoga, which is fond of Megan. Near the house is the mausoleum, where lie the beloved British Queen Victoria and her husband Prince albert.

Recently, it was reported that this Lodge be removed the staff as evidence that Harry and Megan to come back here is not going to.

the mausoleum Frogmore in addition to Victoria are buried the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, former king Edward the Eighth and his wife, the American Wallis Simpson, for whom he left the throne.

“Edward wanted to marry not just for reconnaissancean integrated, and a twice divorced woman. And he was categorically denied. And not only the government but the Church. He was the head of the Anglican Church, which did not accept the divorce. And he chose abdication, stating that he can perform his duties, unless the woman he loves”, — stated Richard Arbiter.

Write that Harry and Megan is ready to compensate cost of repair of the mansion — it cost the Treasury almost 2 and a half million pounds. But before the British government raises another question: at whose expense will continue to ensure the safety of the couple? Now the Duke and Duchess caters to a group of ten armed bodyguards. They are employees of a special unit of the Metropolitan police. In recent years, the state of this structure had to be increased to a hundred people.

the Scotland Yard has estimated that the protection of members of the Royal family is too expensive, almost one hundred million pounds per year. And there is the proposal to deprive the armed escort of the second son of Queen Prince Andrew, is suspended from his Royal duties because of the scandal of pedophilia.

Prince Andrew’s ex — military, he was at the time threatened the militants of the clandestine Irish Republican army. Harry is also at risk — he participated in combat operations in Afghanistan. The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau said that his country is ready to discuss with London its possible participation in the protection of the Prince. But against moving Harry unexpectedly made one of the most popular canadian newspaper.

Megan, in turn, left the Kingdom for a long time, will not be able to obtain a residence permit, and then citizenship, if such a desire she has. Unclear situation with the payment of taxes and the idea itself independent from the British crown business, which is going to Harry and Megan.

“This organization has long been the commercialOh venture. If you stroll around Buckingham Palace, you will see the official stores which sell high quality products at an affordable price. So the precedent is already there. The heir to the throne Prince Charles earns well for his Duchy in Cornwall. He created a line of food products. After-tax profit goes to him. Thus, he not only develops the business but also includes their sons,” said Richard Arbiter.

With all the public restrictions of the British monarchs belong to the category of the richest people in the world. Three years ago, the consulting company Brand Finance estimated the capital of the Royal family at 67.5 billion pounds. This is not counting financial assets Windsors own as individuals. Elizabeth II and her offspring annually brings to the Treasury of nearly two billion pounds profit. On the monarchy brand especially well-paid campaign, received the status of suppliers of the Royal court. Over the past year, this status brought the British brands additionally of 193.3 million pounds.

there are new scandals. Megan and her husband Harry showed British newspaper lawsuits. The Duchess of Sussex accuses tabloid the Mail on Sunday the publication of extracts from her letters to the father-the pensioner, who now lives in Mexico. After her marriage to Prince Megan with him not talking, but the publishers of the British newspaper was ready to invite Thomas Markle as a witness in court.

“I’m not going to be silent for the rest of your life. I love my daughter very much, and she should know it. And I would be grateful to her if she at least just call me,” said the father of Megan.

it is unclear what could she tell Megan that if she, as hinted in its environment, will agree to give a Frank interview about how in London it was not accepted. So her departure is not the final solution for the Windsor dynasty.

previously, the British monarchy has tried to destroy from the outside, thosenow she enthusiastically ruining itself from within. The sight is so unusual that in the eyes of ordinary British “Magnit” already surpassed “Brickset”.

a Scandal in the Royal family took advantage of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He tried on the sly to solve painful for the UK government’s “Scottish question”. In December last year, the first Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon officially asked London to grant the Scottish Parliament the powers to hold a second referendum on secession from the United Kingdom. Johnson it officially refused, explaining his decision by the fact that six years ago the Scots have voted against independence.

the Scottish nationalists argue that the basis for a new plebiscite is the fact that most of the people of Scotland voted against “Brekzita”, but, submitting to London, forced from the European Union to leave. The first Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon has said it will not go the way of the Catalan separatists, and will act only within the law. She expects that sooner or later the British government will be forced to concede.

In London, now prefer to talk about something else. Johnson and several members of Parliament offered to chip in the world to the day of withdrawal from the European Union — January 31 — you could hear the fight the famous big Ben — the bell in the tower of Queen Elizabeth II. To complete the renovation of the upper floors of the tower, you must collect half a million pounds. In extreme cases, Johnson promises to throw illumination the whole government quarter in Central London. Prince Harry for this landmark occasion in the life of the UK is likely to be watching on television, reunited in Canada with his family.

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