Rumble in the style of Tyson: the woman's ear torn off in a fight

Scandalous case has occurred in the Novosibirsk region. On the Playground in Berdsk the woman was walking with my ten-year-old daughter accidentally spilled nail Polish on shoes 6 year old girl that was playing nearby. She told my grandmother, after which she along with the child’s mother with the bad shoes attacked the woman. They began to beat her feet in front of the children. It is reported by the GTRK “Novosibirsk”, aired on TV channels “Russia 1” “Russia 24”.

on the court, the tenants tried to separate the fighting, but they failed. The aggressors left only after the victim stopped moving. Eyewitnesses called an ambulance. In the end it turned out that the woman suffered multiple injuries. In addition, her ear torn off.

She feared that the policeman was carrying to do anything in this situation, since such episodes have already occurred. Previously, the mother and grandmother of 6-year-old girls beat up another woman.

Text: GTRK “Novosibirsk”