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Running from injustice. The former head of Nissan discovered in Lebanon

Running from injustice. The former head of Nissan discovered in Lebanon

Japanese lawyers Carlos Ghosn shocked by his flight abroad. They said at a press conference in Tokyo that he did not know about the plans of the client and still keep his passport. Earlier, the former head of the automaker Nissan arrived in Lebanon. According to him, he is not hiding from justice, and political persecution.

that is an escape, there is no doubt. The Tokyo Prosecutor’s office this morning quickly began to check where is sitting under house arrest in Tokyo, the former head of Alliance Renault-Nissan–Mitsubishi, Carlos Ghosn, after everywhere was the information that the accused in fraud a former top Manager of AVTOVAZ on Monday evening arrived in Lebanon.

Soon it was acknowledged by the gon. The news Agency quoted him as saying.

“I’m not hiding from justice, and the run from injustice and political persecution,” said a former Executive.

Lebanon is the historical homeland of the Rut. His parents are from Beirut, although he was born in Brazil, and the passport is French. The details of the flight did not yet know. But it was found that among the passengers boarding the day before from Japan, he did not appear. What Japanese media conclude that gon left on a passport in the name of another person

In Japan against the former head of the auto giant made several serious charges of financial fraud totaling more than $ 100 million. The house of Gon in Beirut for the second day under the close scrutiny of journalists.

the last time a public statement once the most successful automotive Manager spoke before his second arrest in Tokyo in March. He called the case “a dirty game” and “conspiracy” on the part of Japanese top management of Nissan motors, which is behind the Gon held against him his own investigation, handed over the documents to the Prosecutor, he made a deal with the investigation and under the fallow business of the meeting invited him to Tokyo, where the head of Nissan and was arrested on arrival in tmo aboard his business jet in November last year.

Ghosn was placed in solitary confinement, hastily removed from his post as Chairman and removed from the Board of Directors of the Corporation. However, at the second attempt, the head of Nissan has made bail in April. Then in June there were reports that prosecutors filed against him on new charges of embezzling some 3 million dollars. But after that the Gon seemed to have forgotten.

Only in November there was an information that he was allowed to talk on the phone with his wife, at whose request the President of France Emmanuel macron informed personally addressed to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe with the requirement to ensure the legitimate rights of the “French citizen”.

it was Expected that the court will not begin before March 2020. But now there is no certainty that it ever takes place. The Wall Street Journal quoted one of the Lebanese friends of Gon, who believes that he was tired of being industrial-political hostage and have lost faith in a fair trial in Japan. It is unlikely that the gon will want to come back here voluntarily. In this case, if a court sentence against Carlos Ghosn ever make, then obviously it will be done in absentia.

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