Rural choir of Barysheva recognized as the best performer of Russian folk songs

Rural choir of Barysheva returned with awards of the international contest “Christmas Lights of Moscow”. Young performers of Russian folk songs from the Novosibirsk region declared the best.

the Choir Dobroslava young Participants of the team today still at school, but true connoisseurs of folk vocal. As inform “to Conduct-Novosibirsk”, together they began to speak in 2016. Since then, he won district and regional competitions. But to go to Moscow were afraid, but sent the request.

In the end, international competition in Moscow, the choir brought several diplomas, including best ensemble, best Quartet. And in solo performance was not equal to Kristina Tarasova. Following this success, the girls with confidence ready to conquer any peaks.

Text: GTRK “Novosibirsk”