RUSADA announced WADA that does not agree with the decision to remove Russia

the Russian anti-doping Agency Director General Yuri Hanusa sent a letter to the World anti-doping Agency, which has signaled that it disagrees with the decision of the Executive Committee in respect of the Russian sports.

“Notification sent. The package of documents included a notification letter, approved by the shareholders, the accompanying letter from the Director General of RUSADA, the translation of the Protocol of the founders and the letter of an officer on ethics”.

Recall that on the ninth of December, the WADA Executive Committee has deprived the Russian Agency of compliance status that later should result in the suspension of Russia from participation in international competitions, as well as depriving the right to take a sporting event on its territory. In addition, Russian athletes face a presentation at the international tournaments under a neutral flag.

However, the WADA decision will be challenged in the court of arbitration for Sport.