on 24 June the Russians expect the main event of the 75th anniversary Victory military parade on red square. As promised by the President, he will be in all power and splendor. 13 thousand military, historical military equipment and modern weapons, 75 aircraft and helicopters. Also, on the cobblestones of red square will be military units from 12 countries. And, of course, on the podium next to the Russian President and the heads of other States will be veterans of the great Patriotic war. The live broadcast of the anniversary parade will lead the channel “Russia 1”. Do not miss at 10:00 Moscow time.

And in the evening at 21:00 on TV channel “Russia 1” broadcast a unique concert on Mamaev hill, at the foot of the monument “the Motherland calls!”, in Volgograd, formerly Stalingrad. It is the outcome of the battle of Stalingrad was a radical change in the great Patriotic war. From Stalingrad our troops have moved to the offensive to the West. And where, if not there, hold a major concert in the memory of the heroes who saved the world from fascism.

In the square of Heroes in Volgograd, at the foot of the “Motherland”, ends with the last preparations for a Grand concert Victory on the Mamaev Kurgan. Already mounted scenery, the scene and even have lights that will create unique effects. And soon this place will come alive.

the Best and all your favorite war songs performed by the most famous Russian stars. The concert of the Victory of this level live, perhaps for the first time. Among the participants — a brilliant Hibla Gerzmava, Denis Matsuev, Nikolai Rastorguev and group “lube”, Sergey Bezrukov with the song “the Last battle”, the actress Polina Agureeva — she will sing the song “Blue kerchief”.

“I was born in Volgograd. My childhood Mamayev Kurgan is an absolutely sacred place. And I am very excited to be able to sing there,” admitted Polina Agureeva, honored actress of the Russian Federation.

On stage will feature not only songs. Actor Sergey Garmash will read poems, and musician Igor Butman — to accompany the saxophone.

on the eve of the concert of Alexandra Pakhmutova appealed to the veterans, especially those who defended from the enemy city of her childhood.

“I well remember Stalingrad of 1942-1943. And this battle a memorable one. We wish the participants, our dear veterans good health and more joy in the life that is around us. All the best,” said composer, people’s artist of the USSR Alexandra Pakhmutova.

by nightfall, at Mamaev Kurgan starts lighting part of the rehearsal. So the unique visual effects will create the concert of full-scale 3D projection on the main monument and other sculptural groups. The spectacle is truly fascinating.

After the Victory Parade on red square, a Grand concert on Mamaev hill will be the main event of the anniversary celebrations.

Text: “News of the week”