Russia believes that the US is trying

“Absolutely baseless” called the Deputy foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Ryabkov to link the information about the increase of background radiation over Northern Europe with the testing by Russia of advanced weapons “Poseidon” and “Petrel”. According to him, there is an element of propaganda, part of the General American efforts to sow uncertainty about what is happening, particularly among Europeans.

In the future will be many more occasions when on the American side, followed by information about the works of Russia in the field of development of perspective systems of nuclear deterrence, and anonymous, and stuffing on behalf of responsible persons, said Ryabkov. Moscow, he said, have offered and will continue to offer United States to consider the theme of Russian advanced weapons systems “in the broader context of numerous factors that influence strategic stability, focusing on the perspective of the American system, which have an extremely destabilizing to the entire situation.”

In the United States know the Russian list of concerns, quoted Ryabkov RIA Novosti. Russia unlike the United States prefers to convey its concerns “and professionally behind closed doors”, while her American colleagues “go the other way, similar to what happened in recent days with the Afghan story.”

At the same time that the US periodically think about the new Russian systems, “indicates that they are for them, to put it mildly, indifferent,” added the Deputy Minister.

23 Jun monitoring station in Sweden detected evidence of elevated content of the isotope cesium-134, cesium-137 and ruthenium-103. According to experts, the concentration of these substances was low and did not threaten health, but their source could be in the Baltic sea, in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Baltic countries and Western Russia.

the special representative of the Presidentcient of the US arms control Marshall Billingsley then said: US do not know is involved or not Russian arms to the release of radioactive isotopes on June 23, but “Petrel” and “Poseidon” – “horrible projects” that need to be closed.

the IAEA said that a small increase in the concentration of radioactive isotopes in the atmosphere over Northern Europe poses no danger to human health and the environment, reminds “Interfax”. More than 40 countries, including Russia, have informed the IAEA that in their territory there were no events that could lead to an increased concentration of radioisotopes in the air.

“Burevestnik” – missile with a nuclear engine, which can stay airborne almost indefinitely. Poseidon – underwater drone that is able to move faster and deeper than traditional submarines.