Home Breaking Russia conducted an experiment with a “swarm” of fighters in combat

Russia conducted an experiment with a “swarm” of fighters in combat

Russia conducted an experiment with a

the Russian military pilots in combat have experienced the use of su-35 under the control of the fifth generation aircraft su-57. Pilots call this order of battle “pack or “swarm.”

As told TASS the two sources in the military-industrial complex, between the aircraft in real time was carried out the exchange of data. To improve the interaction efficiency information management system of each aircraft used the data as its own sensors and sensors of other fighters.

According to the chief editor of the magazine “Arsenal Fatherland” Victor Murakhovski, the US and Russia are trying to create a single information system for the management of all types of troops. While success is not achieved by any one country, as it is difficult to define a single data format for the different species and genera of the armed forces.

as for the BBC, said murakhovski, in the future airborne computers military aircraft are to receive and process information from air defense systems, satellites and ground equipment. This integration with the use of artificial intelligence will allow to create uniform information field for ground, air and space.