Russia has taken another Cybertruck — now from UAZ

Russia has made another copy of the futuristic electropop Cybertruck Tesla Elon musk. At this time the “car of the future” were gathered by the authors YouTube channel “the Garage 54”, based on the chassis of the SUV UAZ-469.

the frame of the car covered with metal sheets, repeating chopped the original design and he works on the internal combustion engine. While “Russian Cybertruck” not completed: the master plan to paint the body, put lights and caps on the wheels, do something to solve the situation with the side mirrors (the original model Tesla they are not), and then to leave the city.

At the end of December the LADA (VAZ) 2109 under the pickup Tesla redid craftsmen YouTube channel “Gun Garage”. Master modified VAZ “nine” during the eight days spent on the project is about 80 thousand rubles. The replica’s 1.6-liter engine and manual transmission. Subsequently homemade “cybertrek” with mileage of ~130 thousand was put up for sale at a price of 666 666 rubles.

Cybertruck was presented at the end of November. Electropica has an angular design style of sports cars of the 70’s- 80-ies and can accelerate to 100 km/h in less than 2.9 s. the range – over 800 km, load capacity – about one and a half tons.

Serial production of Cybertruck must begin in 2021. Base model with rear wheel drive and a power reserve of 400 km will cost 39 $ 900. In December, electropica was first spotted on the streets of Los Angeles they managed personally Elon Musk.

Text: To.Hi-tech