Russia in sports arbitration is not alone: to dispute RUSADA and WADA joined third parties

In Lausanne, Switzerland preparing for the process of RUSADA against WADA. To the dispute as third parties have already joined the Olympic and Paralympic committees of Russia, international and Russian Federation and selected groups of athletes. They all oppose sanctions, WADA and the suspension of Russian athletes from participation in major international competitions.

Russia in sports arbitration is not alone. The case of the Russian anti-doping Agency, which refused to accept the unprecedented sanctions WADA against Russian sports, was joined by third parties. A lot of them. Particularly interested in process our and the international Olympic and Paralympic committees.

could Not stay away and international sports organizations. The possible sanctions will hurt not only Russia but the whole international sports. According to the decision of WADA in the next 4 years it is impossible to hold competitions in our country. And already scheduled, and the world Championships for aquatics, wrestling, volleyball, beach football and of course hockey. That is why the international ice hockey Federation joined the suit. Immediately after RUSADA did not agree with the verdict WADA, a Russian Federation began work on a collection of documents and the formation of positions.

Russia is accused of manipulations with the database of the Moscow laboratory in order to conceal violations of anti-doping rules from 2012 to 2015. To the claim to sports arbitration was joined by athletes: Bolshunov and Ustyugov and Sophia Great, Inna Deriglazova, Arthur Dalaloyan and Nikita Nagornyy — a whole generation of very young as well as experienced athletes, winning honestly.