Russia increased investments in us government securities

796 million dollars, Moscow has increased its investments from October to November 2019 in US Treasuries — Treasury bills of the U.S. Treasury. Only Russia has purchased these securities for $ 11 billion 491 million dollars.

In 2013, Russian investments in us Treasury bills exceeded $ 150 billion, informs “Interfax”. But from April 2018 amid tough anti-Russian stake in Russian investment in these securities has fallen by half. At the time of investment decreased from 96,1 billion to 48.7 billion dollars. In may, investment has dropped by three times, and Russia left the list of the 33 largest holders of us debt. At that time Russia owned us debt of 14 billion $ 900 million.

Now the attachments are as follows – 2 billion 979 million dollars have on the long-term us debt securities, and short-term increased to 8 billion 512 million dollars.

for the Sixth month in a row the leader in possession of us debt is Japan. Tokyo though has reduced investments for $ 7.2 billion, but remains the holder of the trillion 160 billion and 800 million of U.S. Treasury obligations. The second largest buyer of US Treasuries China. Beijing has also reduced its debt portfolio. But even after the sale of US Treasuries by 12.4 billion dollars in its vaults remained of us debt by another trillion 89 billion 200 million dollars.

On the third line – UK. London listed 328,6 billion dollars of us treasuries. Fourth place in Brazil – of 293, 4 billion dollars, the fifth position from 290 billion from Ireland. Also the ten largest holders of us debt include Luxembourg, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Cayman Islands and Belgium. All of us 6 trillion 740 billion dollars of US Treasuries foreign governments or Central banks owned by paper 4 trillion 101 billion dollars.