Russia introduced strict sanitary measures against the South-Eastern virus

Passengers from China, Thailand, India, Vietnam, Qatar and Central Asian republics in the Russian airports today measure the temperature. Rospotrebnadzor has strengthened control due to hit South-East Asia “Wuhan syndrome”. During the first week of the year in China and Hong Kong were hospitalized, six people with a high fever and shortness of breath. All patients diagnosed with the same form of pneumonia that has struck port-the million plus city in Central Hubei province.

Every flight from Wuhan under close surveillance. Special cameras record the temperature of all who go into the arrivals area. The slightest suspicion of the ill and immediately quarantined. Taiwan — inspection on Board the aircraft.

“Even if there are no symptoms, you need to carefully observe the condition within 10 days,” said the man.

Enhanced sanitary control and in Hong Kong. The symptoms of a mysterious illness here found already three dozen people — fever, shortness of breath, bilateral lung lesions.

In the heart of Wuhan, the number of cases approached 60.

“All patients are isolated and receive treatment in medical institutions. 163 people with whom they are closely contacted, identified and is now also under medical supervision”, — said a leading Chinese TV channel.

Seven people remain in critical condition. Any contact with them — are excluded.

“We were never able to meet, the guards did not let me even things are not made to transmit. And said how many will watch? — No, nobody says anything,” — said a relative of the sick.

On the outbreak of pneumonia of unknown origin in a 12-million-strong capital of China’s Hubei province, authorities reported just hours before the New year. Finding the virus led to the local fish market.

the Fact that it’s not bird flu, not the middle East respiratHorny syndrome, but the main thing — not SARS outbreak which in 2003 took place in China, then it died almost 800 people — epidemiologists said almost immediately. But only today have been able to identify the cause of the outbreak of new epidemics.

“Laboratory research has identified a new type of coronavirus. Complete genome sequence of the virus was found after tests by the method of nucleic acid in a total of 15 cases,” — said in the Ministry of health of the PRC.

“These viruses are so-called zoonotic nature. They are not transmitted from person to person, they are transmitted from animal species. We are already in talks about getting this pathogen, in order to adjust their diagnostic system and to study the issue of preventive measures,” — said Yulia Demina, the Deputy chief of Department of epidemiological supervision of Rospotrebnadzora.

Reinforced sanitary control just in case and entered in the frontier with China the Russian regions.

Despite the fact that while officially there was no case that the virus passed from person to person — Chinese epidemiologists are strongly recommended to wear masks.

For the Chinese, in General, the usual thing. But now it is again becoming prevalent. Especially on the eve of Chinese New year, when the whole country goes to mass travel and the risks of spread of disease increase in the tens of thousands of times.