Russia is ready for the second wave of coronavirus

Very alarming data on the coronavirus. On 29 June, the world health organization warned that the spread of the disease around the world is accelerating.

“Some countries have seen an increase in cases, opening their economies and return to social life. Most people are still vulnerable to the virus. He still has a place to turn. The harsh reality is that the situation is not over yet,” — said the head of the who tedros adhanom Ghebreyesus.

a New outbreak in Texas, Florida and California are forcing the most densely populated States of America to return to quarantine restrictions. To understand the scale of global problems, the total number of confirmed cases COVID-19 on the planet has exceeded 11 million (3 million only in the US, there is uncontrolled growth), the number of deaths in the world quickly went for half a million, of which more than 130 thousand deaths in the United States. America, figuratively speaking, still going uphill, and about any plateau speech yet.

Russia, meanwhile, descends from the mountain. When you downright the League of daily testing (conducted more than 20 million tests) the increment of confirmed cases has been steadily declining. It is clear that this is not happening by itself. Winning dynamics is a consequence precisely of the efforts undertaken. And now we can afford to look back and listing is made to compare Russia with countries claiming that they are always the best.

For a start Russia was the first in the world recorded to date, two drugs direct antiviral action with proven effectiveness. And it is against COVID-19 is the strongest to date, “Aviewer” from “Khimrar” and “Olaplevel” from “Promoted”. They prevent replication of the virus in the body, and the effectiveness of these pills, results of clinical trials – 90%. The best results against COVID-19 while no other drug in the world.

the Scale of the incident is comparable to the invention of penicillin, which at the end of the Second world began to deal with suppurative infections, like magic. Antibiotics changed the world. Exactly the same change the world the Russian drugs of direct action against COVID-19. In fairness, it is necessary to clarify that the formula of this drug called “Favipiravir” was synthesized in Japan as Antigrippin, but so long ago that the term of the patent has run out. Dozens of clinical studies “of Favipiravir” against COVID-19 are now in different countries, including Western Europe, China and Japan itself.

Japanese clinicians also say about the effectiveness and safety of the drug, but whether the regulator there too conservative, whether the bureaucracy is so strong, whether some corporate business interests interfere, but “Favipiravir” in Japan against COVID-19 is still not registered, and hence not approved for the treatment of patients. Same in Western Europe and China.

And for accuracy: in the United States have declared the drug of direct action against COVID-19 – “Ramdevpir”. This drug has long been developed by Gilead — the American pharmaceutical monster — for the treatment of Ebola, and now approved by the regulator in the US — FDA for the treatment of COVID-19.

However, the effectiveness of “Ramdevpir” this was estimated not for all clinically significant criteria have not been studied, for example, in contrast to the Russian drugs influence the viruses in the organism of patients. That is why “Ramdevpir” allowed for the treatment of coronavirus infection while conventionally, in many respects, in advance. As a result of the powerful lobbying capabilities of the manufacturer.

In Russia are our new products researched evidence based on the totality clinically relevant performance criteria, including, again, the impact on reproduction of coronavirus. And we were able to do it before others in the world. But why? But because of the Wayn in times of crisis works precisely and rapidly. April 3, at the initiative of the President, the government adopts decree No. 441, providing for an accelerated procedure for testing and registration of medicines in emergency situations. Without unnecessary bureaucracy and paperwork. Earned.

And suddenly it turned out that Russia has a powerful pharmaceutical industry. The drug is already saving people, and the already low mortality soon abruptly come to naught. Now people, unfortunately, still die, but they got infected and went into a severe complications before the advent of life-saving drugs.

On the same track scheme in Russia was registered by the original domestic drug against the so-called cytokine storm. This form complications COVID-19 when the human immune system suddenly starts to work against the body, destroying healthy cells. Stopping the cytokine storm the Russian preparation “Alsira” (active ingredient “Levelmap”) of the company Biocad. Big win, the developers saving “Ileri” and the head of Biocad already awarded the State prize. While similar drug is only in America, but we still own and original. More — none. And this is what is called the drug security of the country.

Come on. We have already said that Russia is now a world leader in testing COVID-19. It is important to obtain a complete picture of the epidemic and initiate early treatment, without waiting for complications. But the tests needed somewhere to take. First, a quick buy, and then to create domestic, so that no one could depend.

and So it happened. Immediately after China on 10 January published the genome of the coronavirus, in Russia by 17 January, that is during the week the “Vector” laboratory has created a prototype high-precision PCR kit for the detection of coronavirus. And now in Russia — for many dozens of different tests, including those that result with absolute assurance. Quickly set, reghas shown and produced on domestic equipment. Powerful result!

In the world there is no vaccine for anybody. Leading parmigiani planet race who will be first. In Russia the domestic vaccine developed by the Institute Gamalei has already passed the phase of laboratory tests and now with the permission of the Ministry of health is being tested on volunteers in a military hospital named after Burdenko and Sechenovskiy University. On may 26 Sergei Shoigu promised President Putin that the military will complete clinical trials of the vaccine in July, that is about. The same time confirms and sechenovskiy medical University. All in all, Russia is developing 47 different vaccines against coronavirus. Confident.

as a pandemic, a shortage of masks and protective suits experienced by all countries without exception. Russia was able to purchase rapidly at first missing, and then rapidly reorient their production. Now, according to the Minister of industry and trade Manturov, the Russian business is ready to export up to 200 million masks per month, plus huge amounts of antiseptic, and this despite the fact that the country has created a strategic reserve of masks 300 million and several million protective suits in case of the second wave.

And look how fast Russia has built a new hospital! Yes, the Ministry of defence on 16 may, has commissioned 16 new hospitals in different regions of the country, but most of the completed all civil construction workers and the number of specialized beds has increased from 40 thousand to 180 thousand. With such speed were built, perhaps only China, but in smaller quantities.

Nothing of the sort in the rich countries of the West have not been observed. So, you can! Largely thanks to Putin. President downright insisted on cutting red tape in construction. Plus, we had to arrange additional retraining of doctors, to mobilize the many thousands of medical students and volunteers. Done.

What surprised the result? It is clear that mortality from COVID-19 in Russia is a fraction, heating in the UK, the US or the EU. We evidence told many times. But the state took care about the economy. Measures for business support to be effective, the finances remained resilient, Central Bank rate — at a record low level of 4.5% and inflation by year-end will not marry 4.

If anything, Russia has demonstrated to many in the world amazing stability, I would say survivability. Moreover, if in other countries, the epidemic provoked the distrust of the authorities, and in some places was only enough spark to burst into mass pogroms with casualties, as happened in the United States, the Russian society out of the coronavirus even more cohesive than before the epidemic. About it says at least a constitutional consensus, as demonstrated during the voting on amendments to the Constitution that ended July 1. The numbers of support surpassed all expectations of experts. And God bless!

And now — dry residue. The Russian government in the difficult days of the crisis worked so smoothly and efficiently that even if the planet second wave of the pandemic, we are ready for it almost better than others. We have our own tests and medication, we on the way to its own vaccine, personal protective equipment, as stated on the shelf. We have built and equipped a new hospital, we have excellent doctors and proved its effectiveness health care system. We have finally tested and run-in the system of state control and balanced society. If the total of all indicators, we are the best in the world. So all will be well!

Text: “News of the week”