Russia strengthens sanitary control due to the outbreak of pneumonia in China

due to the outbreak of pneumonia in China, in Russia intensified sanitary control. So, at the Blagoveshchensk customs asked travelers to keep track of information when planning a trip to China. The guests from China until the CPS detects suspicious symptoms. But it is a new virus, so caution is needed.

Traveling to China to the Amur region for more than a week I advise you to consider epigastrica in the Central part of the country. In Wuhan circulates pneumonia, the cause of which — a new virus. Meanwhile, in the Amur region recorded with the second season case of the flu.

the ambulance in Christmas holidays were almost triple the load. The number of calls to control room Annunciation of a station more than three and a half thousand. Doctors clinics also rest especially there was no time.

“For the period from 1 to 8 was taken 362. 120 primary and repeated with SARS. Cases of pneumonia over this period were two aimed at the hospital in the city hospital. Cases cases with influenza were recorded,” — said the Deputy chief physician of polyclinic № 3 Olga Chuprakova.

compared with the same period of 2019, the third polyclinic has recorded a slight increase of cases with SARS. Experts emphasize that, at high temperature there is no need to be in the clinic: it is possible to call a therapist on the house. When the first symptoms of a cold should go to the reception.

“Students often get sick, but treated very rare. And it then affects those who are on sick leave. Then others come, infect, and once again sit on the hospital. It’s sad that so relate to your health,” says a student of the Amur College of service and trade Daria Romanenko.

Now the indicators on the incidence of SARS in the region-level mean annual. Epidporog is not exceeded. A week for help doctors treat the approximately two thousand AmurChan. At the end of the holidays and vacations are traditionally expected respiratory burst.

“the Projected increase in the intensity of the spread of SARS. And here’s the key — respect in the present prevention. In any case, not to attend work, not to send their children to educational institutions with signs, it could lead to group diseases. And most importantly is to seek medical help in a timely manner”, — said the head of Department of management of Rospotrebnadzora across the Amur region Olga Korotkoruchko.

prevention specialists Rospotrebnadzora urge to follow and going abroad residents. In China, though not in the neighboring province, an outbreak of never-before-seen pneumonia atypical origin. Given the intensive migration flows in China, the Annunciation checkpoint in the holidays was introduced enhanced control. And in the coming days it will continue.