Russia waiting for warm anomalies and cold

January 2020 is on track to become the warmest in 200 years of meteorological history. In many cities — for example, in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Tver for the first time in the entire period of instrumental weather observations, mean temperature of the month is held in the region of positive values.

It is not only almost 10 degrees above normal January, but 3-4 degrees warmer than usual March weather Center FOBOS. According to the forecasts of meteorologists, the situation will not change dramatically until the beginning of February, and the main question – do not play this winter in the following months?

According to statistics, after the abnormally warm January, the average temperature of February and March in most cases is also higher than usual. According to the forecast of weather forecasters, in February, the cold temperature anomaly is expected only in the North-East of Russia – there could be 2 degrees colder than usual. For the rest of the country residents are still waiting for the unseasonably warm weather, averaging 2-4 degrees above normal.

In the mid-latitudes of Siberia and West of the Russian plain, meteorologists expect even larger deviations. February will start with a small cold, but then get back thaw and temperatures will be included in a climatic frame of the end of March.

More or less winter weather forecasters promise only in mid-February, though in this period the thermometer readings will be slightly above normal. And will end winter, they predicted that another powerful warming.

Earlier, a senior fellow of the Center weather PHOBOS Eugene Tiscover told that in Moscow next week is expected North wind, snowfalls, blizzards and light frost. Cold with snow, he said, will begin on Thursday evening, January 30. In the first half of next week, said Tiscover, expected temperature is about zero in the daytime and at night, no precipitation is in the form of wet snow and sleet on the roads.

in the meantime, the capital Glaucus MOE has warned of the strengthen in Moscow WesternCSOs and North-Western wind with gusts up to 14-19 meters per second and sleet on the roads. Warning, citing forecasts of Roshydromet operates from 13 hours to 21 hours on 25 January. Precipitation in the form of rain and wet snow.