Russia was able to give the pandemic a decent answer

June 21, Russia celebrates the Day of medical worker. On the eve of this special in these times of celebration, the President met with those who are now at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus.

“I would Like to wish you happiness, health and of course, thank you for your commitment. We made the terrible epidemic to recede. Yes, still a lot of work. But still we did not allow critical growth, mortality and disruptions of the present paralysis in the work of medical institutions, as it unfortunately happened in some other places abroad. In the short term to significantly advance the treatment of coronavirus. Saved thousands of lives. Word that could adequately meet the challenge of enormous complexity. I without any exaggeration I want to say: we are really proud of, I admire your behavior, your professional feat. He helped each of us more fully to realize, to experience the true value of life and importance of the cause to which you dedicated your life, a genuine moral grandeur and complexity of your professional work”, — said Vladimir Putin.

Meanwhile, the world is in a new and very dangerous phase of the pandemic coronavirus. This warned the world health organization. The disease spreads faster.

the Total number of infected on the planet is approaching 9 million. Died more than 470 thousand. Every day reveals more and more patients. 17 June was more than 150 thousands of infections worldwide, the who said that it is a record. On 20 June the day has infected more than 180 thousand. Most of the growth in North and South America, where the situation to take control is not yet possible. Serious morbidity in some countries of South Asia and the Middle East.

For countries that pandemic is already out, requires extreme caution when removing restrictive measures. This involves us fully. Of course, the Russian authorities from the very beginning of the epidemic was treated more seriously. Although many at the end of Marchand it seemed that our restrictive measures are redundant, now that we see how a cruel disease to those who were careless, everything that has been done in the last three months, even to skeptics, it seems more than logical and reasonable.

June 19 Vladimir Putin held a meeting on the affected sectors of the economy. The President stated that the fight against contagion “brought us together” and Russia comes out of this situation “with minimum losses”. In General and healthcare, and the economy cope with the challenges.

“We really worthy, it is now possible to say, responded to the threat of the epidemic thanks to consolidated efforts of society, health systems, the vital sectors of the national economy. We were able to give an answer, because to a great extent could rely on its own technological and industrial base, at the rear. In General, our economy, all key parts and critical infrastructure, including infrastructure of new generation, digital, telecommunications, proved able to quickly adapt to major challenges, to withstand a heavy load and to work in difficult conditions”, — stressed the head of state.

Text: “News of the week”