Russia was not included in the list of countries to which the borders of the European Union

Published a list of countries, which from 1 July will be open borders with the EU. Russia does not appear on the list.

the list includes the following States: Morocco, Rwanda, Australia, Georgia, Canada, Algeria, New Zealand, Serbia, Uruguay, Tunisia, Montenegro, Thailand, Japan, South Korea. Also, the EU will be able to enter the travelers from the Vatican, Monaco, Andorra and San Marino.

In the official communiqué of the Council of the EU noted that the final decision on the opening of the border is for each country. They should not make the decision about the lifting of travel restrictions for third States which are not included in the list before it is adopted in a coordinated way at the EU level, reports “Interfax”.

travel Restrictions can be removed fully or partially in accordance with the assessment of the epidemiological situation.