Russian air defense will work on new physical principles

Lieutenant-General Alexander Leonov, chief of the military defense of the Armed forces, said that Russia is developing air defense systems that work on new physical principles.

At the heart of the action of weapons based on new physical principles, technologies such as microwave radiation, electromagnetic radiation, laser, and the like. These technologies not previously used in the creation of weapons, reports TASS.

in the near future In connection with the termination of the INF Treaty on arms also appear ballistic medium-range missiles, said Leonov. Such missiles can maneuver in the dense layers of the atmosphere.

the General-the Lieutenant has told and about how it should look like a promising weapons system air defense. It will consist of highly mobile combat firing of different range. All these modules will be United reconnaissance and command post. Combat module will be able to effectively hit all types of aerodynamic targets (ballistic, hypersonic cruise missiles of all types-based). At the same time will expand its missile capabilities. Also, the complexes will be equipped with missiles that can detect and shoot down including micro – and mini-drones.