Russian cities foretold the destruction

climate Change in Siberia will cause the melting of permafrost, which can cause destruction of cities in the region, said a Swedish climate scientist Johan Kilahama. In the article “Heat in Siberia excites scientists” for the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, he writes that the record hot weather of recent months is only a link in the chain, as temperature records are recorded regularly in different parts of the globe, and encourages you to see the overall trend.

Kilahama notes that in some areas of the Arctic was three to four degrees warmer than it was in the late nineteenth century. In Sweden since then has become warmer by two degrees. In Siberia this winter temperature exceeded the normal values sometimes 10 degrees. Scientists believe that climate warming in Siberia will cause a number of consequences: forest fires, large-scale melting of permafrost and, as a consequence, subsidence of the soil. He becomes unstable, threatened cities and towns, dams on rivers, and other structures. “The cities and villages simply will start to crumble,” predicted Kilahama.

Melting permafrost will contribute to the release into the atmosphere of methane and carbon dioxide, which increase the greenhouse effect.