Russian city took away from us the title of

Plus 38 in the shadows: the Arctic red-hot! The town of Verkhoyansk in Yakutia is now officially the hottest point in the Arctic zone. Interestingly, he owns another record with a minus sign. How is this possible?

In an era of global warming is sharply continental conditions become even more contrasting, so it’s no surprise.

the Verkhoyansk and formerly belonged to several temperature records. It is considered the coldest city on Earth. In February 1982 the temperature fell to minus of 67.2. In addition, the lowest temperature recorded was included in the Guinness Book of records as the place with the most extreme temperature range: it exceeded 114 degrees. And now became even more. But in recent days, the records rained down on this Yakut city, as from a cornucopia. Daily maximums were updated three days in a row, and the day temperature does not fall below plus 34.

Only 20 number metastatistics was rewritten four times. Was updated from the daily record, an absolute record June and an absolute record year. So hot, the cold pole is still not there! In addition, the Verkhoyansk took the American Fort Yukon Alaska the title of most sultry points beyond the Arctic circle.

And today a hot trend probably will continue. In Verkhoyansk in the afternoon the temperature is already close to the mark in the plus 30. In Srednekolymsk – have already exceeded it. But the maximum heating is usually fixed after 15:00.

In the capital of the Sakha Republic until comfortable plus 23, for comparison, on the Arctic coast region in Tiksi is only plus two. The contrasts are striking.

the Intense heat of the surface in the district of Verkhoyansk contributes absolutely cloudless sky. Verhojansk is now in the zone malogradets pressure field. Here there are no clouds, and the air flow does not move. Arctic air from the North can not get to the continent, and the sun literally burns the surface.

But if people are able to endure the heat, the Severnth animal to cope with it is much more difficult. The heat from the thermoregulation difficult to tolerate reindeer, but reindeer herding is one of the main occupations in the North-Eastern districts of the Republic of Sakha. In Verkhoyansky ulus of these animals is not much, a few thousand, and all the livestock in this part of Yakutia in excess of 150 thousand. Extremes of temperature able to bring to its reduction.

“it’s absolutely uncomfortable to Animals, the wild will move North to the ocean, mountains, glaciers, and home — for them it is very dangerous. Possible heat stroke, they are where the deer are found, are not as high trees and bushes to create shade. So they all the time in the heat, and it’s not very good,” says Professor North-Eastern Federal University named after M. K. Ammosov, candidate of biological Sciences Praskovja Gogoleva.

Today in Verhojansk re-heat. According to forecasts, the air warms up to plus 33-34, it is highly likely that the temperature record will be broken again. The night temperature will drop to plus 16, but tomorrow afternoon – again colorcode plus 33 and cloudless. Only Wednesday in the sky over the city, you may see clouds and possible light rain, but temperatures will again be about 33 plus. The rest of the week in Verhojansk will stand thirty-degree heat.