Russian diplomats received threats after the article in the NYT about the Taliban

the Russian Embassy in Washington demanded that the US authorities for an adequate response to threats that get diplomats. This is stated in the message of the diplomatic mission on Twitter.

Earlier in the newspaper The New York Times published an article alleging that Russia is financing the militants in Afghanistan, Russian military intelligence has offered a reward for attacking American soldiers in Afghanistan. The representative of the Russian Federation in the United States demanded an end to the publication of fakes which only “provoke a life-threatening”.

In early June, Congress published a report which, among other things, Russia was accused of sponsorship of the radical movement “Taliban” (banned in Russia), followed by the calls to tighten sanctions against Moscow. After the article from one of the Twitter users received a message in the style of “the sniper hits from afar, but always for a Moskal”. A screenshot of the threats the Embassy also posted on his page.

At the Russian Embassy in Afghanistan, has repeatedly denied reports that Russia is helping the Taliban. According to diplomats, these reports are intended to discredit the constructive attitude of Moscow to stabilize the situation in Afghanistan. And an article in the New York Times called surge of American intelligence. The Russian foreign Ministry suggested that such actions may be associated with dissatisfaction with the joint actions of Russian and us diplomats to promote peace talks between Kabul and the Taliban.