Russian diplomats will not obtain foreign citizenship

the Federation Council will consider the possibility of expanding the list of posts that may not hold dual citizenship or residence permit of another state, in the development of the initiative of the President of Russia on the amendments to the Constitution.

As the channel “Russia 24”, that the public was informed by the speaker of the upper chamber of the national Parliament, Valentina Matviyenko, in his speech at the plenary session of the Federation Council.

She asked in a short time to study this issue, the Committee on foreign Affairs, stressing that this should not be discussed about “hunting for witches”, and the reliable maintenance of the sovereignty of the Russian Federation, to eliminate all sorts of loopholes for intervention in the internal Affairs of the state.

Matvienko recalled that one of the President’s proposed amendments include a ban on foreign citizenship or a residence permit for persons holding key public positions, noting that this long-standing problem.

According to her, this problem applies to other categories of officials. For example, according to her, some Russian diplomats, for example, some ambassadors have foreign citizenship and residence permit in another country.

Matvienko considers that ignoring this problem may prove costly for Russia, particularly given the difficult international environment.