Russian equipment should be better than their foreign counterparts, he said

Domestic weapons must surpass foreign analogues. This is not a game of chess and a draw does not suit Russia, said Vladimir Putin at the enlarged meeting of the Collegium of the Ministry of defense. And the country is able to achieve, said the President.

moreover, the number of modern weapons in the armed forces should reach 70%, said Vladimir Putin in the broadcast channel “Russia 24”. Some units of the army of the Russian Federation this indicator has already reached, however, for example, the army must continue intensively to rearm.

it is Particularly important, said the head of state, not just go to new machinery and equipment, but also support equipping the armed forces at the present level.

In particular, the share of modern weapons in the strategic Missile forces increased to 82%. Strategic missile forces have begun to hypersonic systems “avant-garde” that can overcome the modern and promising missile defense system.

Also, Vladimir Putin said that Russia will continue to develop its nuclear forces: to build submarines of the project “Borey-A”, to put on combat duty system “avant-garde” and “YARS”. At least until, has not yet started the negotiation process in the field of arms control.

as regards international treaties, the US withdrawal from the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range negative impact on the system of arms control. Plus, Washington could not define their position on agreements on Open skies and the Treaty on reduction of strategic offensive arms SNV-3.