Russian eskimo ice cream does not offend

the Russian Inuit living in Chukotka, are not offended in connection with the name ice cream “eskimo”, because it is not associated with the original meaning of the word “eskimo” (literally “eater of raw meat”).

As explained by the compiler of the Russian-eskimo dictionary eskimo teacher of language and literature Natalia Radanovic, for representatives of this group of indigenous peoples of Canada, Greenland and Alaska, which, incidentally, call themselves Inuit, the word “eskimo” might be derogatory.

“They lived near the Indians, and they gave them this nickname because they eat frozen meat. Then it spread to Asian eskimo. So now our countrymen are fighting for the name “Inuit,” said Radanovich.

the Specialist said that the word “eskimo” has long been associated with delicious ice cream. She admitted that there is nothing particularly wrong with that she can’t see.

“We, the Inuit, and ice cream Popsicle. So be it. The fact that eskimo drawing of a man in a fur hood, it’s not insulting at all. At least, we, the Inuit of Chukotka and Russia”, — quotes the words Radunovic RIA Novosti.

Previously, the newspaper the Wall Street Journal reported that the American company Dreyer”s going to change the name of your ice cream Eskimo Pie, as it is a “derogatory term” for the indigenous peoples of Northern Canada, Alaska, Greenland and Siberia.