Russian hockey players reached the quarterfinals of the world youth championship

Team Russia hockey reached the quarter-finals held in the Czech Republic world championship among youth teams. In the final match of group tournament our hockey players defeated their peers from Germany.

Before the match against the Germans in the asset wards Valery Bragin was only three points scored in the game with the Canadians. Czechs and Americans are our hockey players lost. Failure in the game against Germany would leave the Russian team for the quarter-finals. With our youth that never happened.

the Foundation of the victory of Russian hockey players laid in the first period won with the score 2:0. Both washers threw Kirill Marchenko. After Cyril heads our team was goaltender Jaroslav Askarov, reflecting a difficult throw.

In the third period in gate of Germans have visited another three goals. First reached the goal shot our captain Grigory Denisenko. Then scored Paul Dorofeev. It is shortly before the break, scored one goal, which became the fifth.

At the beginning of the third period Dmitry Voronkov after the transfer of Kirill Marchenko for the sixth time lit the red light behind the gates of the German national team. Only two minutes before the end of the match Nino Kinder implemented numerical advantage and played one washer.

the Russian Team won 6:1 and advanced to the 1/4 finals. However, it is unknown what place in the group went to the Russian team is the third or fourth. It will be known after the match between Canada and Czech Republic, which will begin at 21 o’clock Moscow time.