Russian military projects:

Author: Dmitry Kiselev

January 9, in the Black sea held joint exercises of the Northern and black sea fleets of Russia. Southern Russia’s Maritime borders must be protected. The Supreme commander arrived at the exercises for verification, well, a day later, at Yalta was held an important meeting on the development of the Peninsula.

After the reunification of the Crimea with Russia has been achieved. Built and put into operation two large thermal power plants — Balaklava and Crimea, which not only solved the problem of energy shortage on the Peninsula, but also created a large supply of power, as they say, for growth.

the Ambitious infrastructure project — the Crimean bridge. The road it is already running at full iron already conceded passenger trains, freight traffic will begin on the Crimean bridge next summer. Accelerated construction pace of the highway “Tavrida” – Kerch – Simferopol — Sevastopol — 250 kilometers of four-lane highway. On separate sites downright velvet fabric is a pleasure to have drivers. The full project will be completed in 2022. Is working already and the new airport – the Ayvazovsky — Simferopol. Comfortable handsome winner of the National award “Air gateway of Russia”.

But there is much to do. The tone of the President, I must say, was mobilizing, and the task is very clear.

“the First is to further increase the quality of life of Sevastopol and Crimea. This is the most simple and urgent issues that people face every year, every day in my life. It repairs buildings and renovation of engineering networks, improvement of house adjoining territories and public spaces: parks, squares, embankments. It’s not just about the resort, the tourist areas, but about all the settlements. To subject to check and evaluate the state of the urban environment in the Crimea, to bring order here, including using the resources of NATonalnyj projects”, — said Vladimir Putin.

However, back to the teachings, which among other things the MiG-31K produced missile launch hypersonic aeroballistic missiles “Dagger”.

Author: Evgeny Reshetnev

on this day, in the Black sea was cold and hot at the same time. Hot, of course, the launches of cruise missiles. “Caliber” shoot and hit a target on the water. And so cold is because the Black sea has brought the Arctic air, not only with the coast of Murmansk. This is a joint exercise between the two navies, the Northern and the black sea.

every one of the launches of “Caliber” was produced from three warships: the latest diesel-electric submarine “Kolpino”, advanced project “warszawianka” and the two surface — fleet frigate “Admiral Grigorovich”, which was only four years old is armed, and the small missile ship “Orekhovo-Zuevo” — this is newer — in service only since December 2018. Such IRAS the Navy is now eight. Some have done well in Syria.

it met Vladimir Putin on Board the missile cruiser “Marshal Ustinov”, which during the exercise did not shoot. But it is here on one of the lower decks, which have access to the cameras was closed, was the command center exercises. Putin watched the launch from the bridge together with the commander, defense Minister and commander of the Navy.

the President of my watch compared the flight time of fighter jets, among which especially distinguished the two MiG-31K, which produced the launches of hypersonic systems “Dagger”. And on the Crimean rocks with the same name was coastal complexes, and they, too, were involved in the exercise.

“Marshal Ustinov” was not in Sevastopol since 1986. That is, this approach — in a sense the historic moment. During his 30-year odd service where the cruiser just was not: he izborsky half The world ocean, saw a change of epochs — from the late Soviet in the 90s, and to put it mildly, a difficult time remaining afloat, and in the new period, when the army and Navy have been developing rapidly, the ship entered updated. In 2017, ended its full modernization, that is, new rocket, new electronic equipment, digital. “Ustinov” is an example of what is possible and necessary not only to create new projects and carry out deep modernization of existing ones. The commander of the cruiser Vladimir Kuzmin was able to compare — he served on the “Ustinov” and in its former incarnation.

New projects the Navy will. For the first time journalists had the opportunity to see yet another promising project of the aircraft carrier project, “Manatee”. It showed the President in the lobby of the Nakhimov naval school in Sevastopol, where Putin went straight to teaching.

this footage of the military meeting that the President held in the auditorium of cadet school. Talked about the importance of the fleet and key tasks.

“In the twenty-first century, we must maintain and strengthen the status of our country as one of the leading Maritime powers. I note that in recent years we have focused on the development of the Navy’s attention. Has allocated significant resources, we will continue to ensure that the fleet was modern, equipped with the latest technology,” he said.

In Sevastopol, Putin introduced another new development — a hybrid of helicopter and airplane. The project is expensive, controversial, but this is a definite innovation. Putin supported it.

the Missile launches were successful. About this the Supreme commander reported to the commander in chief of the Navy. Well, now the ships continue to maneuver on the shore of Sevastopol. In total, the exercise involved more than 40 aircraft, more than 30 ships. Of course, after the Crimea became part of Russia black sea fleet has received a tremendous boost. Demonstrate this and such exercises.

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