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Russian military received 20 attack helicopters

Russian military received 20 attack helicopters

“Helicopters of Russia” gave the domestic armed forces, 20 helicopters, said the head of holding Andrey Boginsky. Among them reconnaissance and strike Ka-52 “alligator”, the shock Mi-28N and transport-combat Mi-35M.

in Addition, said Boginsky, heavy transport helicopter Mi-26Т2В successfully completed factory testing and moves on to the state. They take up the whole 2020 and will be held on four polygons.

Arsenyev aviation company “Progress”, in turn, carries out the modernization of reconnaissance and strike Ka-52. The designers plan to increase the distance at which the electronics of the combat vehicle detects and recognizes the target, and expand the list of weapons that will be able to use a helicopter.

meanwhile, the modernization of the Mi-28NM is completed. The Russian armed forces have received the first upgraded helicopters. All the troops ordered 98 of these machines, said the industrial Director of the aviation cluster of the state Corporation “rostec” Anatoly Serdyukov.

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