Russian patrol boat and a Japanese destroyer conducted exercises in the Arabian sea

the Russian patrol ship “Yaroslav the Wise” performs at the Arabian sea training along with a destroyer of the Maritime self-defense forces of Japan “of Harusame”. Active phase of the exercises scheduled for January 21, according to the Ministry of defense.

the Baltic fleet Ships involved in joint exercises with the destroyer of the Maritime self-defense forces of Japan “of Harusame” in the Arabian sea, the active phase of which is scheduled for January 21 #Multiskilled #Ships #Teachings #Rosieposie @RusEmbassyJ

— the Ministry of defence (@mod_russia) January 20, 2020

Recall, “Yaroslav the Wise” provides security in the Gulf of Aden and protect civilian vessels from pirate attacks. Earlier, the patrol had already escorted the Russian ship through dangerous waters.

Full load displacement “Yaroslav the Wise” – over 4 thousand tons, length 129 meters, the crew – 214. Plus now aboard the ship is based out of camp Lejeune.

the Main armament – anti-ship missiles Kh-35. Also, the ship carries a reactive mortars RB-6000, torpedo tubes, air defense system “Dagger” and “Dagger”, 100-mm artillery installation.