Russian sappers defused more than 300 American bombs

Experts of the Russian International mine action centre for two months 301 defused UXO in the Lao province of Xiengkhouang. Often engineers are faced with American air submunitions BLU-26, BLU-BLU 65-3B, which could be at a depth of 1.7 meters, the press service of the Ministry of defense.

the task of the Russians — the detection and identification of ammunition, and the local bomb squad deals with the elimination of hazardous finds. In addition, experts of the International centre began preparations for 20 Laotian military personnel.

This is not the first business trip of the Russian bomb in Laos. In October 2018, they cleared it of unexploded ordnance around 100 hectares of forest in the town of Chimkent.

the American bombs and shells remained in Laos since the Vietnam war. For example, the BLU-26 is small, about the size of a tennis ball, a grenade that should explode when hitting the ground. However, it is not always the case, and sub-munitions remain in the ground, presenting a danger even after dozens of years.