Russian scientists have proposed an innovative way of fighting bacteria

With invincible bacteria living in medical institutions, easy to handle, the nanocrystals of silver and cadmium. The results of the researches in this direction were shared by the assistant Department of optics and spectroscopy of physical faculty of the Voronezh University Aleksei Perepelitsa.

Activating substances occurs under the influence of light, and not necessarily a natural – enough fluorescent light, the scientists said. As a result, all surfaces which are deposited on the structure with spectoresque, disinfected. Walls, floors, salons, ambulances, furniture, boxes of supplies, containers, etc.

This careful processing is important in health institutions where there is a constant struggle against various strains of bacteria that have adapted to kvartsevanie, antiseptics and even antibiotics. As well as in kindergartens and schools, public transport and places of a mass congestion of people.

the basis of standard bactericidal dye methylene blue, said TASS. The solution is mixed with crystals of sulfides of metals. These additives stabilize the active form of the dye and kill bacteria when exposed to light.

According to who statistics, in the year there are about 2 million deaths from bacterial infection, even from bacteria that are in hospitals.