Russian village is the couch of the psychotherapist: the secret operation

the wide screens came a new Russian Comedy “Slave”, and the film immediately became the leader of hire. The story of how a party-goer, and major Gregory turned into a slave soldier, was close to a variety of audiences.

in addition to the Comedy stars, Ivan Okhlobystin and Michael Bykowicz, the main role in the film played a large and dramatic actors — Alexander Samoilenko and Maria Mironova.

“Although the film is not about the New year, there is really nothing Christmas, that’s about Santa Claus, however, he the mood is very festive, easy, and, of course, stay,” says Maria Mironova.

Salvation is presumptuous son of the oligarch — the handiwork of the son of the oligarch, after Grisha are transported back in time, he will have no friends, no connections, no phone.

“Slave” is not only the name of the new Comedy Klim shypenko, but a covert operation, which this film unfolds. The transfer into the past, and besides, in the Russian countryside is spectacular, the course of treatment, the psychotherapist performed by Ivan Okhlobystin. Goal of “treatment” is to teach major Gregory to respect other people.

But the character of Milos Bikovich is an extraordinary patient. The adventures of Gregory staged in the nineteenth century, unfold at the sight of hundreds of cameras, and the script and the cast is changing on the fly, because every situation is an emergency.

In recognition of the first viewers, this painting is the successor to the beloved Soviet movies: kind, funny, and slightly instructive. But the main thing — this tape creates a cosy, festive mood.