Russian winnick spoke about torture in prison and asked for help

Russia’s Alexander Vinnik appealed to those who defend human rights. He believes that his unjustly held in prison.

the Corresponding request of the Russian common on Thursday, January 16, his lawyers. Winnick stated that he is a man without rights, who was illegally held in prison for over thirty months without filing any charges. The man believes that his “want to kill for know-how”, knowledge and process abilities.

Alexander Vinnik said that he was subjected to torture and psychological warfare to break down. The Russians noted that he is not allowed to breathe fresh air, and the last time for a walk he was taken out in the New year’s eve, December 31, for a few minutes.

winnick said that a hunger strike for 28 days. The Russians did not know if ever to see their children and wife. The man said that today the notary for two hours prevented to go to his room, so he could use their rights and to sign a power of attorney on realization of their rights, reports TASS.

the Russians also said that the Chairman of the Council of State – Supreme administrative court of Greece Ekaterini Sakellaropoulo was nominated as a presidential candidate after what he had done within his business. According to winnick, the clerk “gave him his head on a platter” because it is put forward on a post of the head of the Greek state. The man believes that he has no hope in the face of governments of the US and France. According to him, the state on whose territory never stepped his foot, I want to get him as human ammunition against Russia. In this regard, Alexander winnick asks for help from every conscious person. Russian calls to intervene in his case those who defend human rights. “Today I, tomorrow will be one of you. Don’t let them do it,” said the man.

Alexander Vinnik were arrested in Greece during a holiday on the 25th of JulyI’m in 2017 at the request of the United States. Russians accused of laundering from 4 to 9 billion dollars via a cryptocurrency exchange. The Russian side wants the Greek authorities to extradite winnik. The man is in prison from July 2017.