Russians angered the old photos of other people's journeys

do You love to watch other people’s photos? And travel photos? It turns out that when viewing photos from past trips, 43% of Russians feel negative emotions. This is the result of a survey conducted by social network Classmates with a partner Mail.Ru company ResearchMe.

20% of respondents admitted that they become depressed in isolation due to a pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 when viewing other people’s travel photos, 15% mentioned the irritation and 8% — about envy. Particularly affected by the negative emotions the weaker sex. Anguish in the form of photos of previous travel experience 24% of women against 15% of men, while envy only 5% of men and twice as many women.

however, users of the social network of OK continue to share photos and videos taken in the past in tourist areas. So does every second.

To the credit of the Russians, it should be noted that more than half of the respondents experience positive emotions in the form of photos and videos from past vacations and trips with friends. They inspire 22% of respondents pleased with 19% and the admiration of even 16%.

While 69% have not changed the frequency of viewing its photos from travels, 15% were more likely to review footage from past vacations, and 16 per cent less. 37% decided to share their photos and videos from past trips. Both men share travel photos 1.3 times more often than women.

Users of my Classmates also shared that 60% of respondents are not going to summer 2020 to go on holiday abroad. Among those social network users who pre-paid and planned vacation, 22.5% and decided to wait for the situation to change, and 77,5% of all canceled their tours.

More than half of social network users (52%) fear in the summer of 2020 will be able to relax only in the region of residence – at the cottage or home. 42% hope to have a rest on domestic resorts. And only 10% are the true optimists, they hope to rest in foreign resorts.