Russians are increasingly using online stores

Since 1 January of this year changed the rules of purchase of goods in online shops: now you will have to pay duty on packages worth more than 200 euros. But this is not the only change.

you Get to sign it and don’t forget to pay a fee, if the item costs more than 200 euros. The speech in this case goes about purchases Russians make two clicks, that is, in foreign online stores. From 1 January there are new rules for duty-free import.

Earlier, the bar has been set at 500 euros, but he thought the total amount of purchases during the month. Now the limit is decreased by 2.5 times and accounted for each order separately. As for the size of the fee, it is reduced-from 30 to 15 percent of the cost. By weight the criteria have remained unchanged: a maximum of 31 kg, and each extra will cost 2 euros. If the excess on both indicators, will award only one, but more tax.

the head of the Federal customs service Vladimir Bulavin said: “We its information systems have been tested, they are ready and will provide customs clearance for the increased number of parcels, which will have to take customs duties”.

“If the recipient refuses to pay duties, as he was not satisfied with these conditions, the product is in the post office up to a period of storage. After he is returned to the sender,” — says the Deputy head of the customs post “international post office” Andrei Mosin.

According to statistics, two-thirds of purchases are up to 22 euros, a fifth part of them — up to 50 euros. The products mostly come from China. First orders come in logistics centers, and there are control of the Federal customs service. If the tape is counterfeit, the computer will immediately let you know and if it’s legal, the parcel is sent on.

In this part of the logistics centre will include only those parcels that have passed customs control. A special scanner reads the bar code, andotpravlyayutsya along the pipeline, which are sorted depending on the region of delivery.

With the push of a button, ready to receive the goods takes place 10-12 days, but inside Russia working for other speeds. In the country the order is less than a week in some cities seek to the formula “day to day”. By the way, online shopping becomes popular and in remote regions.

Director of industrial cooperation and corporate relations of the company Ozon Maria Zaikina explains: “If we imagine a Russian who lives in the city with a population of less than 250 thousand people, or about 40 percent of the population, it is obvious that there is limited number of stores, online retail. Just online residents of these cities offers great opportunities to choose from millions of goods.”

you can Get the order in different ways: through courier to pick up from the point of delivery or through a postal terminal is a special terminal, which came to Russia a few years ago. Such stations are placed in the shopping, business or shopping centers.

So what are the products bought online more often? Traditionally, it is clothes, shoes, cosmetics, small electronics and household chemicals. Delivery of food and finished products from restaurants breakthrough in recent years: in 2019, the sales volume in this segment nearly doubled. “When we looked at how many times a person returned throughout the year for shopping in each of the categories of goods, they said ten times return for the purchase of food during the year. For comparison, in the electronics and household appliances it comes with 1.3 times,” — said the President of the Association of companies the Internet-trade (AKIT) Artem Sokolov.

Over the past year, Russians spent on purchases online more than 2 trillion rubles, increased by a quarter. According to experts, to slow down the market is going.