Russians warned about the heat and solar radiation

the Heat in the Central part of Russia is delayed for a few days, said the scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center of Russia Roman Vilfand. According to him, the extension of the period of hot weather in the European territory of Russia was influenced by air masses that arrived first from the North-West, and then South-East.

Daytime temperatures at 30-31 degrees will continue until Sunday, with Monday expected a small fall.

Meteorologist has warned Russians from prolonged exposure to the sun which can cause skin lesions. At a high level of UV index, it is necessary to use protective cream in the afternoon to stay in the shade and wear long sleeves. Under extreme index in the afternoon is better to stay home. Into the European territory of Russia, and also in some regions of Asian part of the country for ten days, established high and very high index of solar ultraviolet radiation in the summer solstice: the sky is not obscured by clouds, and the dust had settled. Therefore, residents of the Central Federal district, southern Federal district, North Caucasus and South Siberia.

Informed about the anomalous heat has been reported from different regions of Russia. Even in Yakutia, where winter temperatures drop to 68 degrees below zero in recent days, unusually hot weather.