Russia's permanent representative to the OSCE spoke out against the glorification of Bandera

At the meeting of the Council of OSCE in Vienna permanent representative of Russia Alexander Lukashevich opposed the glorification of Stepan Bandera in Ukraine.

He recalled that Bandera was not only conducted terrorist acts in the name of radical nationalist ideas. He headed the Organization of Ukrainian nationalists (OUN banned in Russia), a military wing which later became the Ukrainian insurgent army (UPA prohibited in Russia). Its members during the war with the Nazis involved in the extermination of the Jewish, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian population.

“the SS and its structure have received unequivocal legal and historical evaluation of the Nuremberg Tribunal,” — Lukashevich recalled.

According to him, now Ukraine is trying to impose Bandera as a national hero. However, this only leads to deepening social split. Lukashevich also reminded that concern about the glorification of Bandera expressed Israel and Poland, reports TASS.

In early January in the center of Kiev held a torchlight March and a rally in memory of Bandera. It was attended by about thousand people. The same procession took place in several cities in Western Ukraine.