Rzhev volunteers helped the grandmother, who for 20 years lived without electricity

the Volunteers arrived in the village Mochalova of the Rzhev area to help the 93-year-old pensioner. January 8, the author of the youtube channel “the Word Guy” together with volunteers went to the Tver region to 93-year-old Nina Ivanovna. Woman for more than 20 years of living without electricity.

the last time the pensioner was warmed by using petrol, which was given to her earlier by the participants of the project “the Word guy”. Nina turns it on for 3-4 hours a day, but gasoline took a large number, and to reach the village and to bring back the fuel was difficult. Activists decided this issue, pass “to London.” The young people brought a gift to the grandmother of solar panels, additionally, the guys brought just in case, and a barrel of gasoline for the generator.

Note that the “Word guy” for the past year helping families with many children, pensioners and people with disabilities.

Video: Word of the Kid

Text: GTRK “Tver”