Safety and efficiency: how research of vaccines against coronavirus

Russia began clinical studies of vaccines against coronavirus, a new type. The government will inform about the progress of these works, this was stated by Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov. How many vaccines are now developing in Russia?

Russia is now under development 47 of vaccines for 14 platforms. Studies are going on in several laboratories: in “Vector”, Institute of Gamaliel and Saint-Petersburg research Institute of vaccines and sera. In the Novosibirsk scientific center “Vector” in the course of research and tried different combinations of drugs. From more than 25 options 3 showed the highest efficiency. Two of them are introduced intramuscularly, and the third route, that is just going to dig in the nose. Safety and efficacy tested on animals.

Director General of fgun GNTS VB “Vector” of Rospotrebnadzor Rinat Maksyutov told how many animals have already been infected with a virus:

— the Minimum required statistically valid number is about three hundred animals which include not only lower primates, but also ferrets, and hamsters. These are animals that were directly infected with the novel coronavirus to date.

In contrast to lower primates, mice, which are also involved in the experience have proven resistant coronavirus: they are difficult to infect and hurt they are not like people, so the scientists decided to create transgenic mice at the Institute of gene biology in Moscow and then send them to Novosibirsk.

“Among all the mice born, we found eight transgenic mice, among them three females and five males. If we go down the route of transmission of pregnant mice, it will be ready to pass them on 22-26 June. When we transfer the offspring from these mice it will be later. These rodents should be sensitive to the coronavirus,” — said the head of the center for collective use “GEAutonomous editing” Alex Dakin.

Clinical studies are usually divided into four phases, but will now be reduced to three due to the fact that the first and the second phase will combine. To start human studies in the “vector” of the plan not later than July 15. They will involve 300 volunteers aged 18 to 60 years.

“We are planning clinical studies of all three vaccines on volunteers. The final decision will be taken only after receiving positive results in the preclinical studies on laboratory animals finished dosage forms”, — said Rinat Magsumov.

the Final group of volunteers can be formed only seven days before the start of the research. They will be able to participate only those who are not sick COVID-19.

Scientists from the Institute of Gamaliel has already injected himself with the vaccine. On it they worked together with specialists from the 48th Central research Institute of the Ministry of defence. Now preparations are underway for the start of clinical trials. To participate in these selected two groups of volunteers. The first group included officers, non-commissioned officers, soldiers under contract, and the second civilian. One of these volunteers said:

— I am the chief of the psychological work of our team, so we decided his example to stress the need to help our country.

today a group of civilian volunteers placed in the Main military clinical hospital named after Burdenko. All participants undergo a medical examination.

“on 4 and 9 June for the 14-day isolation was placed 50 military volunteers, including 10 medical workers. Isolation is conducted to prevent the possibility of infection of servicemen and medical personnel before vaccination,” — said the Professor, head of the Main military clinical Burdenko hospital Eugene hooks.

If researchI will be successful, it is important to establish the production of the vaccine. The head of the Ministry of industry and trade Manturov told about what work is being done in this direction:

“it’s One thing to develop a plan, and another already put it into practice from the point of view of production. Now worked the whole technological component in order to discuss in detail all aspects of the implementation of this direction. It really is extremely important to all interested in this, but here it is impossible to prevent some inaccuracies, because it is millions of people.”

the Study of the vaccine for children will not begin before next year.