Said for the armor: the grandson of the Deputy of the Belgorod blew up the blogosphere

What would grandfather underage boys that dressed 250 thousand and proud of it? Memoirs of the honourable citizen of Belgorod, who grew up in poverty. And the revelation of his grandson.

Socks per thousand in the Russian currency, the sneakers — a thousand in the us. Only a quarter of a million rubles. The cost of clothing the 14-year-old, which he was not expecting — has become the most discussed baby of the last days. Gave an interview videoblog about the “Golden youth”, where as the spirit talked about is atypical for the average student purchases and a way of life in Moscow. All within the genre, that’s just meticulous commentators quickly found out — where did he get such large sums on pocket expenses.

was the grandson of Vladimir Zotov. Not just a businessman from the list of “Forbes” and the Deputy of the Belgorod regional Duma. This fact, in fact, caught most. Famous grandfather immediately offered to undertake the education of a relative. They say that such a life in a big way goes against the way people elect.

And yet — discredits the honor of the Russian military. Because in the capital the young man came, and to study in presidential cadet school. He in an interview, by the way, was referred to as “sharaga”.

Young Vova, according to the blog, lives in a luxury skyscraper in “Moscow-city” and in what does not deny. Street reporter shows their branded items a few minutes.

These blogs about Moscow fashion very much. And this would dissolve among them. But the teenager attentive users from Belgorod learned the grandson of a local Deputy Vladimir Zotov. In the local regional Duma to this news was clearly not ready.

While some people began to discuss his stuff, teachers and parent committees drew attention to the fact that the child, according to him, living in the capital alone. And studied at the cadet corps, which is a little like him.

other people’s money as pending, and still pending on their wealth to tell others. Grandfather Vova – is not only the Deputy. He is a person from the list of “Forbes”. Belgorod businessman a billionaire. For such affluent families are very expensive clothes -a phenomenon familiar. But about the cost every step do not cry.

“the Grandson of the Deputy signed some extent the verdict of his grandfather, because such an attitude to life, brought up in the child as profoundly immoral and disgusting act characterizes the Deputy of the Belgorod Assembly”, — said Eleanor Basmanova, a specialist in etiquette.

While some blame grandpa, others stood up for his grandson. The child is like a sponge, absorb everything that is taught. And maybe not here grandpa is the head teacher, and parents.

“I’d tend to the version that is an ordinary teenager, which is important to show themselves, and it shows itself on the outside. It is important, how he dressed, what he looks like. The environment is now affecting him as much as possible from the period, and here parents need to be careful” — sure Anna Grigoriev, an expert on child development.

this could be the point. If not a biography of his grandfather. Today he is an honorary citizen of the Belgorod. In an interview, Vladimir Zotov, recalled how his father, a laborer died from injuries at the plant. And 35 years later, their mother was left alone with two children. Modest conditions in childhood where a trip to the Black sea, in a tent, was like a holiday.

Perhaps this story of his grandfather, young teen clothes on 200 thousand, ever heard. But maybe not. But who exactly is happy with the attention to the current scandal is the author of the blog. Now subscribers more. Yes, and sponsors in the form of brand clothing stores will catch up. Fortunately, those wishing to stand out enough.