Salary standard is proposed to introduce Zhirinovsky

According to the leader of the liberal democratic party, minimum wage in Russia should be not below 30 thousand rubles, the politician wrote in his telegram channel. “One thousand a day,” – he explained the meaning of his initiative.

Zhirinovsky Also drew attention to the growing discontent high salaries in commercial structures and state corporations. And proposed to limit the maximum salary level of 500 thousand rubles, for the President made an exception, his salary is to be 700 thousand rubles. “No salaries at a million dollars a day!”

Another initiative, announced Zhirinovsky, the introduction of a uniform tax on excess profits. It could be spent on support for health and education, so they were completely free of charge.

Earlier, Zhirinovsky took the initiative to pay the minimum wage Russians involved in maintaining the household. The project “wages for Housewives” the government did not support.