Sales in Apple's ecosystem was more than half a trillion dollars

Through the ecosystem of the App Store’s payments and purchases of 519 billion dollars, according to a fresh study commissioned by Apple as an independent company Analysis Group. The most profitable categories were in-app purchase, digital goods and services, as well as the app.

Because Apple charges a Commission only on sales of digital goods and services, more than 85% of the turnover of 519 billion dollars are attributed exclusively to third-party developers and companies of any size, celebrate copertina.

the Largest share of sales accounted for physical goods and services via e-Commerce application (such as Target, Best Buy, Etsy) – 413 billion dollars, of which the largest volume was achieved in retail trade (268 billion USD).

the share of applications for travel (like Expedia and United) accounted for $ 57 billion. The turnover of travel apps (e.g. Uber and Lyft) amounted to 40 billion dollars, on food delivery services type DoorDash and Grubhub fell $ 31 billion.

the Turnover in the sector of digital goods and services amounted to 61 billion dollars — this category includes streaming app, software for fitness, education, e-books and audiobooks, subscribe to news and magazines, and Dating services etc.

Sales within applications totaled $ 45 billion, of which 44% was derived from mobile games. Non-gaming apps are usually free, but receive income through advertising within the application.