Samsung showed innovative smartphones at a secret meeting

At CES 2020, held in Las Vegas, Samsung held a closed presentation for partners and mobile network operators, showing multiple future innovations. One of them was a smartphone, which is the second part of the screen extends directly from the body.

About the new model we only know that her inner panel is covered with plastic – like the Galaxy Fold. Renders of the alleged device, which display grows 6 to 8 inches, designers created LetsGoDigital.

Also at the secret meeting, the head of mobile units Samsung DJ To revealed the name of the 2nd-generation Fold – it will be called Galaxy Bloom, focused on the female auditoriu and executed in the form factor of the “puff”. “Spy” the similar device with display, folding in half on the horizontal axis, previously circulated in the Chinese societh.

According to rumors, the Galaxy Bloom screen instead of a plastic film is coated with ultra-thin, but elastic and high-strength glass Ultra Thin Glass (UTG). It Samsung will exclusively supply Dowoo Insis. UTG-glass stronger and more scratch-resistant than the polyamide plastic layer covering the display Galaxy Fold. Galaxy also Bloom could be the first smartphone capable of shooting 8K video. Expected to be two models: with support for 4G and 5G networks.

in Addition To allegedly confirmed that the next Galaxy S10 model will be referred to not Galaxy S11 and Galaxy S20. New flagship line, including the Galaxy S20, S20+ S20 and Ultra, can be presented on 11 February.

Text: To.Hi-tech