Sanctions against the

If the sanctions against Syria Washington imposes in its sole discretion, that Iran has tried to enlist the support of the security Council. But in vain. In vain the American Secretary of state Mike Pompeo threatened Russia and China with the Apocalypse, if not expiring in the fall to extend the arms embargo to Iran. Moscow and Beijing have made it clear: States need to respect the rule of law. About the same America reminded and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, however, in the context of US sanctions on the “Nord stream-2”, stressing that such measures do not fit in the legal representation of Germany.

the presidency of the EU at present – the mission is onerous, given the number of issues that need to be addressed. The European Union was lucky that this share has fallen to Germany, and so the main, but now formally responsible for what to Europe will be the remaining half of the year.

the Economic collapse, unemployment, mass bankruptcy, public protests — there’s no getting around it. But truly deadly room ahead of Germany suffered the most and to push the EU through elections in the United States. President trump will impress their voters by bullying and blackmail the European allies. In fact, get practically all, although the strike it will be the big game — Germany. Senators Republicans just “charge” the new sanctions against the “Nord stream-2”. As reported by CNN, in a telephone conversation trump called Merkel stupid and said she was in the pocket of Russian as a times a firm position against the construction of the pipeline. The Chancellor has managed to adapt to the style of the trump. Swearing didn’t work.

“Extraterritorial sanctions, which state in the United States, not contribute to our understanding of the law, as ongoing discussions on this topic in the us Congress. We must admit that the construction is complicated. But we believe it is important to complete this project, in this way we will work”, — Merkel said.

New us sanctions would put at risk about 700 million euros from the European investment project pipeline. The situation is so acute that today is the rare occasion when former German Chancellor and Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Nord stream-2” Gerhard schröder appeared in the Bundestag at the invitation of the Chairman of the Committee on energy Klaus Ernst.

“Usually current or former chancellors invited exclusively to committees of inquiry. In this regard, I am very glad that you joined us today as an expert,” said Ernst.

“these sanctions the US wants to take energy policy into their own hands and dictate to a sovereign state, such as Germany, and sovereign community of Nations, such as Europe, what they should and should not do. More than 120 companies in the field of shipbuilding, engineering, environment and safety working with the project “Northern stream-2″ affected directly. For each of these companies was under threat to European jobs,” said Schroeder.

Merkel and Schroeder have very different policies, but their agreement on the “Nord stream-2” reflects the consensus of the German elites in terms of energy priorities Germany. The most radical proposal for their protection is still the idea of the Chairman of the Committee on energy Klaus Ernst to enter personal sanctions against the senators behind a new package of sanctions. But Merkel, too, has thoughts on this.

after the First quarantine in Berlin there arrived the President of France.

“I’m glad that France and Germany want to work together to solve problems and support each other. Expectations are high and we know very well that if Germany and France there is disagreement, the unity of Europe will not be successful,” said Merkel.

for the Sake of Franco-German consent, Merkel went high: in fact, agreed to Finance the reconstruction of Europe after the coronavirus. Macron she needs for jointly countering the destructive influence of trump. Germany and France, joined by Britain, has blocked the us draft of sanctions against Iran in the UN security Council. That is an experience, it is necessary now to move from the global to the European site, because there are countries such as Poland are interested in the fact that the EU presidency has cost the Germans a very large blood.