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Sands compared his work with the work of the engineer

Sands compared his work with the work of the engineer

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov admitted that his work is complex, because any careless of his statement may be used against the head of state.

“If something’s wrong, formulate, it is certainly one of the enemies can be used against you, but it is secondary, mainly against the President. We can’t allow this”, — said Peskov during an online communication with anarmani during the campaign “Virtual journey “I love Russia!” June 12.

“So that’s the essence of what a sapper: make one mistake” — the words quoted Peskov “Interfax”.

He said that the duties of the press Secretary of the President included the explanation in the first place reporters of certain aspects of the President’s activities, as well as answers to questions that arise after high-profile events.

Therefore, said Peskov, need to be aware of everything happening, to try to understand the essence of the event. He also admitted that it is not always easy to answer journalistic questions “double bottom”.

Speaking about the existence of “Warmii”, press Secretary of the President stressed that modern Russia definitely need a youth movement, it should not be boring and “old-fashioned”. “Uname” same “gathers the best and best,” said Sands. The organization of the movement, a Kremlin spokesman called “a good idea” and reminded that it belongs to the defense Ministry and its head Sergei Shoigu.

Peskov also advised the youth to read Russian and foreign classics. “Such a wealth of life experience, as the Russian classics, you will not give any one literature”, — he said. In addition, the press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation recommended to pay attention to the memories of an American businessman Elon musk. One of their idols Peskov called the modern entrepreneur Richard Bransoon, who also wrote a memoir. “These are people who are brave, enterprising, talented. They deserve respect,” — said the representative of the Kremlin. Peskov told about the fact that trying to improve the skill of the player, writes TASS.

Press Secretary of the head of state spoke about the schedule of President Vladimir Putin. According to Peskov, the Russian President never breaks, the full weekend or a holiday — he “constantly at work”.