Sands: poverty reduction directed almost all development programs

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov commented on the results of a study of the insurance company “Rosgosstrakh-life” and the scientific-technical center “Perspektiva”, which found that the majority of Russians receive no more than 25 thousand rubles per month, and income almost half of the citizens of the country is 15 thousand rubles.

Peskov said that the methodology of the study is unknown, but the sample is insufficient to draw conclusions on the Federal level.

However, the press Secretary of the President of Russia said that persistent poverty is a serious problem. For the eradication of poverty focused almost all development programs, said Peskov.

“Certain circumstances sometimes hinder the implementation of these plans, but that doesn’t mean the work stops”, — assured the representative of the Kremlin, noting that the President and the government priority of dealing with this problem.

Answering the question of what amount of income is sufficient for the Russians, Peskov stressed that it is better to ask the Ministry of economic development.

Recently, residents of Russia told how much money they need in order to live a normal life. For example, the average family of three, in which the two operate, it is necessary 85,7 thousand rubles a month. Such data are cited by the research holding “ROMIR”.

Some people can live normal and with the amount of 20 thousand rubles, but such people are very rare — only 2 percent. 22 percent of respondents would fall within the scope of “normal life”, if they had more than 120 thousand rubles. 18 percent of respondents would be arranged 45-60 thousand rubles.

the highest demands of the inhabitants of the North-Western, Ural, Central and far Eastern Federal districts.