Satellite system

Three low-orbit communication satellites “Gonets-M”, launched a rocket “Rokot” from the Plesetsk cosmodrome, delivered to the customer. They are taken to control “Satellite system “Gonets”.

the spacecraft “Gonets-M” is used for the global exchange of various types of information from moving and stationary objects and also for the organization of relay channels, reports “Interfax”. Update low-orbit satellite constellation will have a positive impact on the reliability of the user characteristics of the system will reduce waiting time communication sessions by the subscribers. In 2020 plans to launch three satellites “Gonets-M”.

Mobile satellite communication system “Gonets-D1M” is used for remote monitoring of vessels, land transport, machinery, transmission of the coordinates obtained by the GLONASS and also for communication with remote regions. Geography the application of the system is not limited to: she works in the Arctic and along the Northern sea route.

the carrier Rocket “Rokot” launched on 27 December in 2 hours 11 minutes Moscow from the Plesetsk cosmodrome. She and the upper stage “breeze-KM” brought into the calculated orbit three communication satellites “Gonets-M” and spacecraft in the interests of the defense Ministry. This is the second launch of “Rokot” from the Plesetsk in 2019. The previous one was successfully held on August 30. In the past year, the crews of the Space forces, VKS conducted from Plesetsk also six more rockets “Soyuz-2” of light and medium classes.

2019 was the first in 16 years of accident-free starting year for Roscosmos. Earlier this year, was in 2003. Then Russia has fulfilled 21 launch of a space rocket. In 2019 many successes had even more – 24.

the Launch of “Rokot” is the last one. The rocket after it is upgraded to version “Roar-M”. It all imported filling will be replaced by the Russian element base.

“Rokot” created on the conversion of Intercontinental ballistic missile RS-18 (aka UR-100 or SS-19 Stiletto) Center Khrunichev. The first launch of “Rokot” from the Plesetsk cosmodrome took place on 16 may 2000. There were 30 launches. “Roar” brought to orbit about 70 satellites for various purposes.