More than one million students 8 and 10 classes participated in the contest “Big break” project President platform “Russia — country of opportunities”. June 22 last day to submit online application forms for participation in competition providing an opportunity for every teen to discover their abilities and to find strengths. Front remote the stage of the competition on nine thematic areas, and from August 1 to start face-to-face semi-finals in all Federal districts.

on June 27 passed the national graduation, when young people said goodbye to the school. Despite the all clear at the current time constraints, it was the biggest, brightest and mass online celebration. First with 18:00 the social network “Vkontakte”, you can watch concerts of celebrities and socialize with them, participate in contests and win prizes. The event attracted nearly 25 million views — a real network record plus 190 thousand likes and almost 400 comments. Mood and an audience of millions picked up the largest Federal TV channels, where the first broadcast is already the most important holiday of graduates “Scarlet sails”, which is traditionally held in St. Petersburg. Thus, the total audience of the event online and on television exceeded all expectations. It is interesting that for the first time the agenda online and on television coincided, and the Internet has stoked interest in what was shown TV. A memorable occasion came for people of different generations.

“Once in the open sea under the sun will sparkle scarlet sails. The shimmering pile of crimson sails on a white ship will move, breaking the waves” — the prophecy of the great storyteller Alexander green is coming true before our eyes. And this time, the distance do of sea — action extravaganza moved to the Gulf of Finland. Baltic wind fills the sails of the brig “Russia”.

It is so beautiful that my breath catches. Knowing that the holiday will pass without the audiencesecond, the organizers of the whole soul in the stream, tried to blur the line between the perception of the action firsthand and through the screen. And television magic added to the tale of magic.

this year the miracles we need, perhaps even more than before. But they are especially needed for graduates — it is important now to fill their souls with faith in a bright future where Assol, in spite of everything meets with her captain gray.

Sailboat goes, effortlessly cutting through the waves. The apparent ease of his movements — a Titanic work of the team. The fairway here is very narrow, requires pinpoint accuracy. In addition, in the Gulf of Finland in contrast to the Neva real waves. The captain complex is to calculate the speed so that the ship was clear of the scenario — taking into account wind and waves.

“the success of the scarlet sails in many ways — this is the unique sync sound, music, light, and more of the ship and its movement”, — said Sergey Timoshkov, captain-coordinator of the “Scarlet sails”.

though the Crew is located in the heart of extravaganza, not to notice the beauty of it — not before. The sailors poison and release the halyards, twist the rope to dowel.

the Sail — 900 square feet of scarlet fabric. It is a little thinner and softer than regular sailing, but still sturdy enough to withstand the onslaught of the wind. Graduates are still quite young, touching, but still old enough to switch to the new format — too involved in the broadcast of their cities. They are today main. It is for them to sing favorite artists, in their honor, thundering fireworks, them inspires the waves of the brig.

the Story “Scarlet sails” began on the same day, 52 years ago. The role of the galiot “the Secret” was the schooner “Hope.” Then there was another light show and special effects, but it was a unique atmosphere of romance, of youth and dreams. So remember the student Vladimir Putin, and in 2005 it was on the initiative of the President of the “Scarlet sails” was revived pri the assistance of the Bank “Russia”. And since then, whatever happened, the Bank from year to year supports the extravaganza.

the beauty of the plan, the Grand fulfillment, stunning scenery — all this allowed “Scarlet sails” become the world’s greatest celebration for the graduates. Last year it had its own — domestic — brig “Russia”. This “Scarlet sails” has received a new direction, entering a new space and becoming the culmination of the all-Russian prom. And the perennial motto “Together with Russia” now takes on new meanings.

Text: “News of the week”