Schedule: the mysterious space radiospace first showed regularity

Fast radio bursts, is the mysterious signals of cosmic origin. Astronomers for many years scratching their heads over their nature. And recently was first discovered galaxy from which such radio impulses seem to come on schedule.

the Discovery is described in the Preprint scientific articles published on the website a large international group of researchers.

Recall that the fast radio bursts is short (a few milliseconds) and the bright flashes of radio emission. Their nature remains a mystery to astronomers, although specialists have several versions.

It was opened in 2007, and since then scientists have observed it hundreds of times. Usually the burst does not come twice from the same point in the sky. But observers have identified ten points in which such outbreaks occur again and again.

However, the frequency still has not been able to find no system. Researchers have been searching for at least some regularity on time scales from a few milliseconds to many days… and found nothing. Even if the fast radio bursts, in one way or another galaxy was observed repeatedly, there was no way to predict when there will be another outbreak.

And now astronomers working with the canadian CHIME radio telescope, discovered the first regularly recurring quick burst. They found a pattern in the time of flares observed from 16 September 2018 to 30 October 2019 in the same point of the sky. For four days the impulse comes about once an hour. Then the signal is interrupted for 16 days and it started again. This cycle was repeated many times.

What mechanism ensures that such “punctual”? Experts still don’t know. But astronomers know the set of periodic processes. It can be a certain rotation of a celestial body around its axis or the conversion of one object around another. We can talk about the periodic contraction and extension or about the regular emissions of the substance. It is not even known, inherent in the cycle processgeneration of radio bursts, or a certain object placed in their path and periodically eclipsing them (or conversely, increasing).

As established researchers, the source is a galaxy located 500 million light-years from Earth. But what kind of celestial body in this solar system emits these pulses is unknown. May will make clear the new observations.

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